Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Have Baby Soft Feet with Lavender Peel Treat!

Our feet face a lot of torture all day, especially when we walk bare-feet, or dance on our soles without break for hours. Feet are generally one of the most neglected body parts yet play a lot in enhancing our overall beauty. Hence, there is a need to stop and think about your feet for a while, and considering your soles and ankles to prevent them from further damage. 

Now, when it comes to take care of your feet and keep them baby soft, there is no beating the herbals like Lavender. Fragrance from the essential oils of the lavender flower / plant promotes calmness and wellness. Moreover, experts swear by its aromatic healing ability and refreshing quality; when you apply a foot pack, peel or cream that holds lavender essence –you open up yourself to all the rewarding benefits of lavender oil. A foot peel with Lavender can bestow the blissful benefits upon your feet. 


Some of the benefits of using a baby feet peel with lavender oil are:
  • The foot peel is effortless to apply and easy to use 
  • It sheds off the redundant dead skin cells that have collected over your skin in several layers
  • A good quality feet peel expressly targets feet for silky, smooth and baby soft skin
  • The foot peel with lavender work great for the thick-skinned feet
  • Choosing a baby feet peel with active ingredients such as sage leaf extract, orange oil, grapefruit oil, glycolic acid and salicylic acid etc. is the best investment you can make for your feet.
  • Most of the peel packs include two foot pads for convenient and comfortable treatment of both feet
  • Lavender Scented baby foot peel relaxes your feet, promotes calmness, softness and wellness, and also heals all the pain, roughness and dullness in your feet.
In a nutshell, a quality baby foot peel and exfoliate with lavender is an innovative as well as effective foot care product which holds a unique formula of several natural extracts exfoliate your feet naturally, heal them for smoother and baby soft skin, and lock in the required moisture.  

Direction of Use:
It is quite effortless to use the baby feet peel , its easy-to-follow process includes applying of the peel pack with lavender essence, soaking your feet and exfoliating to reveal smoother, more youthful, baby soft skin. 
Also, when you buy a quality foot peel, you get two foot pads per set so as to treat the sole of each foot; this offers all-over foot exfoliation and softness of a baby skin.

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