Thursday, 16 March 2017

Color Your Hair Naturally With Style Edit Root Concealer!

Coloring hair has become the hottest trend of the fashion industry these days. It is no longer confined just to cover grey hair; it is used to create the style statement of the real individuality and it ‘s color range is no longer limited to just natural browns and black’ people love experimenting and playing with other bold colors like pink, blues, red and purples. So, choose the color of your choice and step out facing the world with the best of you; but be sure to opt for the one that may amazingly beautify your hair and accentuate your traits as well.

How To Get The Right Hair Coloring Product For You?

There are so many varieties of hair coloring products available in the market today but you are not supposed to randomly rely on anyone. Make the right judgment and prefer using naturally formulated hair colors to chemical based products. Dye your hair naturally with no lead, no chemicals and no artificial dyes.

Why Not Chemical?

There are many adverse effects that can result from the use of hair coloring items that contain chemicals such as…
  • It replaces, removes or enhances the natural pigments in the hair shaft.
  • Skin irritation, burning, itching, redness, discomfort are other common issues.
  • Allergies to the chemicals
  • Skin discoloration or drying.
  • Hair breakage or weakening.
  • Over-processing 

Besides the undesirable effects listed above, there are various other health hazards too that can come forward from the use of chemical hair colorants. Thus, a better decision says to steer clear of chemical based hair colors.

Why Natural?

Topping the trend or being in fashion always is not a sin as in any terms until it affects your hair health and it can only be possible with a product formulated with naturally derived ingredients. One of such products that has become the first choice of modern hair color users is “Style edit root Concealer

Style Edit Root Concealer –

It is a color binding complex that glides over the hair roots and locks color into the place in just one swipe. The color adaptive pigments of this unique root concealer add luster to your hair and blend flawlessly with salon color to proffer a completely natural look.

Key Features Of Style Edit Root Concealer –   

  • It helps cover up your gray hair and fading roots
  • It also allows you to color your hair in Red, Blonde, Brown etc.
  • It helps extending the time between your salon visits.
  • It is designed to self-adjust to match hair color
  •  It can simply be washes out using a good quality shampoo
  •  Specifically formulated - not to run
  • It is Paraben-free and chemical free
  •  Made with naturally derived pigments
  • It does not include petrolatum, peroxide or mineral oil.
  • Available in so many color choices such as Style Edit light brown, Style Edit Red, Style Edit Dark brown, Style Edit Blonde, Style Edit Lightest Brown/Medium blonde.
  •  It comes with a hidden sponge applicator that facilitates precise control and coverage.

To sum up it can be stated that Style edit root Concealer is the secret weapon to cover the gray hair or dye the hair in funky colors for at home or on the go!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Have Baby Soft Feet with Lavender Peel Treat!

Our feet face a lot of torture all day, especially when we walk bare-feet, or dance on our soles without break for hours. Feet are generally one of the most neglected body parts yet play a lot in enhancing our overall beauty. Hence, there is a need to stop and think about your feet for a while, and considering your soles and ankles to prevent them from further damage. 

Now, when it comes to take care of your feet and keep them baby soft, there is no beating the herbals like Lavender. Fragrance from the essential oils of the lavender flower / plant promotes calmness and wellness. Moreover, experts swear by its aromatic healing ability and refreshing quality; when you apply a foot pack, peel or cream that holds lavender essence –you open up yourself to all the rewarding benefits of lavender oil. A foot peel with Lavender can bestow the blissful benefits upon your feet. 


Some of the benefits of using a baby feet peel with lavender oil are:
  • The foot peel is effortless to apply and easy to use 
  • It sheds off the redundant dead skin cells that have collected over your skin in several layers
  • A good quality feet peel expressly targets feet for silky, smooth and baby soft skin
  • The foot peel with lavender work great for the thick-skinned feet
  • Choosing a baby feet peel with active ingredients such as sage leaf extract, orange oil, grapefruit oil, glycolic acid and salicylic acid etc. is the best investment you can make for your feet.
  • Most of the peel packs include two foot pads for convenient and comfortable treatment of both feet
  • Lavender Scented baby foot peel relaxes your feet, promotes calmness, softness and wellness, and also heals all the pain, roughness and dullness in your feet.
In a nutshell, a quality baby foot peel and exfoliate with lavender is an innovative as well as effective foot care product which holds a unique formula of several natural extracts exfoliate your feet naturally, heal them for smoother and baby soft skin, and lock in the required moisture.  

Direction of Use:
It is quite effortless to use the baby feet peel , its easy-to-follow process includes applying of the peel pack with lavender essence, soaking your feet and exfoliating to reveal smoother, more youthful, baby soft skin. 
Also, when you buy a quality foot peel, you get two foot pads per set so as to treat the sole of each foot; this offers all-over foot exfoliation and softness of a baby skin.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Want To Get Self-Tan? –Buy Tan Towel Today!

Self-tanning is getting popular with time –on almost all parts of the globe. People are going bananas for getting their skin a natural like tan that looks luscious, and make them look even more appealing. Today, people enjoy altering their skin-tone, getting it tanned, and attract more eyes to their total new version!

Why People Seek Self Tan?

Tanning has become famed overtime with the fair-skinned ladies –and even the men –as they desire to look like hot celebs with awesomely tanned skin; Kate Hudson, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian are just to name a few.  Their tans are so fab, and they’re bronzed to perfection; but their clandestine of acquiring that tan-tastic glow lies somewhere in a tiny self-tanning bottle, tube or pot that gives them that tanned gleam without baking them under scorching sun (which comprises detrimental UV rays).

Tan Towel –The Secret of Perfect Tan!

What can be a better product than the one which exfoliates your un-clean skin, gives you that flawless bronzed tan, and also moisturizes your skin cells to restore their softness as well as the suppleness? Tan Towel does it all for you! It is a self-tanner product that comes in a heat sealed packet so as to maintain its quality and integrity; and provides a perfect tan which is even and long-lasting.

Benefits of Tan Towel Self Tan Towelettes:

§         Exfoliation:

     Exfoliation is an extremely essential beauty process for a soft, supple skin. The Tan towels plus self-tanner has pulp fiber towelette that exfoliates the skin deeply during the application, and allows for smoother, sleeker, and healthier skin.

§       Healthy Moisturizer:

     When you apply the self-tanner –you would also undergo a healthy moisturizing process because these nourishing self-tan wipes glide along your skin, delivering self-tanning along with a moisturizing formula full of proteins, amino acids and vitamin E in order to promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

§       An Even, Consistent Tanning: 

    These towlelettes are in the form of individually wrapped pads that are ideal for offering you an even tan which is consistent and flawless. These self-tans will also not discolor your ankles, knees, elbows –which are hard to get tanned with other products.

Beyond all, it’s your best bet even if you want to have that emergency or instant tan as it has an easy application, dries in no time and gives you that flawless, even tan in just the matter of minutes; so, if you have that urgent invitation, or an unexpected date in the evening –TanTowels Plus is the perfect product to go with.

Also, you may carry the Tan towel self-tans on your vacations –without giving it a second thought –and have that healthy, glowing tan whenever you desire!